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We use the business management strategy called Six Sigma. 

We apply the methodology of the project DMADV, also known as DFSS (Design For Six Sigma) has five phases:
  1. Define design goals that are consistent with customer demands and business strategy.
  2. Measure and identify CTQ (features that are critical to quality), product capabilities, the ability of the production process, and risks.
  3. Analyze the development and design alternatives, create high-level design and evaluate design capability to select the best design.
  4. Design details, optimize the design, and plan for design verification. This phase may require simulations.
  5. Check the design, set up pilot tests, implement production process and deliver the process owner (s).
Through the method DMADV, establishing precisely the CTQ is where we get the clear cost of the process variables. During the analysis confirmed these variables.

For version management uses the Six Sigma DMAIC method. Control the entire process future state to ensure that any deviation from the target are corrected before they result in defects. Implement control systems such as statistical process control, production boards, and the visual workplace, and continuous monitoring of the process.