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Cloud Computing

More than Technology; it's an economic model.

In 2008, we moved to cloud computing platform for a stable, both
as a reduction of steps in the production process by having a single route for publication. Allowing us to reduce costs in:
  • Price per server per year,  
  • reduction of staff to the servers 
  • reduction in order to centralize the resource consumption of bandwidth and disk consumption.
The Cloud has helped us to create different configurations for our own products that reduce implementation time of projects:
We are part of Google Apps solutions provider for the Dominican Republic. Also, we're the first dominican funded company selling in the Google Apps Marketplace.

We stand on the shoulder of the giants

We syntheticed these steps from the way of our most important providers, Google, Amazon and Rackspace, do things.

As we use cloud computing exclusively for powering cutomers sites, our SLAs is complying with the SLAs from Google, and Rackspace, with the exception, that we are the first support tier for our customers, using our cloud providers as the second support tier, and software providers (application servers, databases, operating systems) as the third support tier.

SLAs for cloud computing services provided by Google:
SLAs for cloud computing services provided by Amazon Web Services:
SLAs for clound computing services provided by Rackspace Cloud:
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