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Enforcing development standards

We use Google code guidelines and enforce our development standards with code reviews, by using methodologies like Extreme Programming (XP) demonstrate that teamwork is essential to successful projects. Code reviews are one part of this teamwork. 

It promotes the review of one developer's code by other team members, some of the benefits of code review include:
  • Allow us to catch more bugs earlier in the software development cycle.
  • Our junior developers have the opportunity to learn from more
  • experienced peers.
  • Helps our developers to avoid common mistakes.
  • Fosters communication among our team.
  • Produces code that is easier to maintain, incresing our software quality.
While code review often seems like extra work, it reduces the workload by allowing the team to catch errors earlier in the development cycle.

We use third-party Web services extensively 

The use of Facebook's APIs for developing social applications for customer brands, to monitoring resource consumption of our cluster of servers with web services from Amazon, to using Google maps for easy location of places contained in the websites that we do for our clients, to the integration of electronic payment methods in an online shop using Visa, to processing orders in real time on backend systems for our customers using SAP/R3. 

Each one of these interactions is a call to a third party web service.

Web services protocols

SOAP, XML/RPC and JSON/RPC. We prefer to use JSON over HTTP(S) as our default encoding and transport.
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