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Mobile Computing

Mobile connect your business with your customers; it's the next display.

We have used programming tools as open source AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript & XML), SaaS (Software as a Service)
as a means to reduce IT costs for economic web access. 

We use Six Sigma as a methodology of process improvement, focusing on the elimination of defects or failures in delivery of a product or customer service. For us it's simplicity. 

WOA is a bottom-up methodology that starts small and expands over time. Cloud Computing is the clearest incarnation of WOA, and you can get the infrastructure you need us, we use Web services from Google and Amazon, to implement its Enterprise 2.0 solution. 

We introduce the model in mobile revenue in 2003, in fact, we are the pioneers of change and models in the mobile market in the Dominican Republic. 

In short, the infrastructure for mobile is integrable, allows simplicity
in use, you can start with low cost and is served from the cloud. 
Through business training, we have adopted the philosophy to spend 20% of our production time to develop, experiment and innovate with new technologies. 

This practice has allowed us to assert ourselves in the market as innovators in areas such as cloud computing and mobile technologies.

Mobile technologies for custom apps

  • OS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)
  • Android
  • Java2ME
  • Black Berry
  • Windows Phone 7

SMS products

  • Mobile marketing manager
  • SMS Gateway
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