Connect through SMS to Dominican Republic Mobiles.

Our gateway connects directly to Dominican Republic mobile operators SMSC via the Internet. It converts the message format into a format understood by the SMSC, through the SMPP protocol.  

Direct-to-SMSC gateways are used by NUMERICIT as SMS aggregator to provide SMS services to our clients. 

Typically we serve for high volume messaging without a contract directly with a mobile operator.

    Principal Features

  • 100% Instant Delivery 
  • Charged Only for Sent SMS 
  • Flat Rates to All Networks 
  • Your Credits Expires in One Year 
  • Your Company Name as the Sender 
  • Send to Contacts with Delivery Reports 
  • Country Flag: DO 
  • Connected to mayor telcos: Claro, Orange, Viva, Tricom. 
  • Delivery Report included. 
  • Setup per Brand/Year.